Taldor NPC’s


Lady Glorianna Morilla

Deze dame is de opdrachtgever voor voor het onderzoek naar de mogelijke misdaden van Earl Calhadion Vernisant. Zij is een voorvechter voor de Lioness en wil graag dat de stemming over het eerstgeboorterecht voor vrouwen wordt aangenomen. Als het lukt om Vernisant zwart te maken, zal dit de nu neutrale Count Urlondo Zespire gunstig stemmen.


Muesello is de eigenaar van een vissers winkel. Hij werkt ook voor Morilla. Hij is benaderd door Cincia de beheerder van het museum van Ridonport. Er worden regelmatig voorwerpen uit het museum verwijderd en Muesello wil dat dit stopt. De echte reden is een ‘persoonlijke kwestie’ en wil hij niet vertellen.

Senaat van Taldor

Grand Duke Avernathus

Background Well into his sixties, Grand Duke Avernathus is one of the nation’s nominal grand dukes, holding the highest title but wielding little real power. Avernathus’s senate seat and title are tied to the Porthmos Gap in the east of Taldor.

Baronet Duranis Cicato

Background Duranis Cicato is a battle-tested military man, having fought insurgents and threats all throughout the lands south of Cassomir. He earned a vicious scar across his face while fighting a group of Urgathoan cultists operating near Taldor’s southernmost shores in a battle that ended with the cultists’ defeat and several years of prosperity in the region. Upon his return to his familial holdings after that battle, Duranis found his elderly mother on her deathbed. Following his mother’s death, he procured an honorable discharge from the military and assumed his mother’s former seat in the senate.

Lady Zariyah Clement

Background Zariyah is the lady of her household, balancing management of a relatively small estate just northeast of the Verduran Forest with her duties in the senate.

Marquess Charlotte Deschamps

Background Through a long-standing relationship with the disgraced Aurelius Cato, Charlotte joined the Cato family, finally gaining the noble title she had sought for so long. Thanks to the considerable influence of Lady Gloriana Morilla and Princess Eutropia, Deschamps recently filled a vacated seat on the senate as a representative of the interests of House Cato.

Landgrave Ogvai Jarlbjorn

Background Stavian presented Ogvai Jarlbjorn with the title of landgrave, charging him with the protection of the lands south of the Fog Peaks.  When word of the landgrave’s effectiveness—and the envious discontent it was fomenting in neighboring regions—reached the grand prince, Stavian “promoted” Ogvai to a vacant position within the senate.

Lord Remilliard Kastner

Background Remilliard Kastner is the latest in the Taldan Kastner line to lead his household.  His appointment to the senate was a continuance of his family’s generations-long presence in the government, which suffered only a brief lapse in the immediate aftermath of Cheliax’s separation from the empire.

A devout paladin of Ragathiel, he champions the cause of battling against devil-ensnared Cheliax and freeing the common folk from the oppression of devils and House Thrune.

Viscountess Octavia Nicodemius

Background Well into her nineties, Octavia Nicodemius is one of Taldor’s oldest and longest-serving senators. These days, she rarely leaves what she considers her life’s work: a mysterious archive of objects and information known as the Endless Repository. Viscountess Nicodemius comes to Oppara only a handful of times each year, partly because of her advanced age, and partly because she strives to finish cataloging her repository before she chooses a successor for her senate seat—and possibly for stewardship of the repository. The Endless Repository is located in western Porthmos, though portals leading to it might exist in major cities, at your discretion.

Marquess Tanasha Starborn

Background The noble and senatorial position held by Marquess Tanasha Starborne is one of the few in the senate that is not hereditary. Instead, the gnomes of Wispil, a city in the heart of the Verduran Forest that supplies much of Taldor’s lumber, elect one of their own to take on the position.

Duke Georgi Backus Talbot II

Background Duke Georgi Backus Talbot II lives two lives. His first life is that of a senator and a political figure in the machinations of the Taldan empire. His second—the one he pours a majority of his energy into—is that of a business magnate.

Earl Gahez Varima

Background Claiming to be a direct descendant of the earliest Vudrani immigrants to Taldor, Gahez Varima now represents the mountainous region northeast of Zimar. He inherited this senate seat from his aging father, who served in the political body for decades, all the while both teaching Gahez the intricacies of Taldan politics and instilling in him an abiding affection for Vudra and desire for closer ties.

Calhadion Vernisant

Background A proud man in his early thirties, Calhadion Vernisant is the appointed leader of Greater Riddonport and a hereditary senator.

Count Orlundo Zespire

Although he learned the fundamentals of governance from his parents and uncles, as the third-born son of his family, Orlundo stood little chance of inheriting much more than a title. He joined Taldor’s military and traveled widely, first as an ambassador’s guard and later as the leader of a pirate-hunting unit along the Jagged Saw, the most treacherous stretch of Taldor’s coastline. His orders to track and capture a particularly nefarious pirate led him all the way into the River Kingdoms in pursuit, and it was there that his tenacity and sheer skill on the rivers earned him his nickname, “the Iron Gar.” The expedition made him a minor hero back home, and Grand Prince Stavian III appointed him to a vacant seat in the senate, where he represents central Tandak’s interests.

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